How to Fix Confirm Form Resubmission err_cache_miss?

how to fix Confirm Form Resubmission err_cache_miss.

Google Chrome is a cross-platform web browser developed freely by Google for free. In 2008 it was launched as the leading browser worldwide. By this time in 2023, Chrome has exceeded 60% market share. Learn more about Google chrome features and how to fix Confirm Form Resubmission err_cache_miss.


Chrome has its origins in an open-source web browser project known as Chromium. This implies that Chrome runs on updates of fresh features and security rectifications. Numerous devices can support Chrome. These include desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

Here are the features of Google Chrome:


Chrome is associated with fast web navigation. This is partly because it uses the v8 JavaScript engine which is among the fastest JavaScript engines. Other optimizations that Chrome employs for speed are parallel rendering as well as prefetching.


Google Chrome has several security features built-in, including:

Sandboxing: Each web page in Chrome operates in a sandbox, wherein every webpage is isolated from all other pages as well as from the operating system. It helps shield your computer from various attacks including malware.

Phishing protection: For example, chrome will verify legitimate site certificates, and warn you against suspicious sites that aim at tricking you into thinking that their content belongs to genuine companies.

Malware protection: Malware scanning is included in all versions of Chrome during file downloads.

Safe Browsing: Chrome ensures that your browser is safe by using Google’s Safe Browsing program to keep dangerous sites away from you. As you browse the websites, Safe Browsing scans each page as well as performs a comparison check with its list of blacklisted websites. Whenever Chrome senses that you are navigating a malicious site, it alerts you while blocking your entry into the site.


The user interface of Google Chrome is straightforward and uncomplicated. An average individual using a computer for the first time can easily navigate through it. K Your Chrome interface is customizable as well; you can adjust it to suit your taste.


These extensions add numerous features to Chrome. Chrome has also extensions that provide additional features and functionalities for this browser. Several extensions exist to cater to a wide range of uses including blocking advertisements, managing passwords, and translation.


Synchronization of chrome also occurs between different devices. You will be able to use all these features anytime when you log in to Chrome using the same account. It has synchronization on by default, but you can turn that off if you choose.

Incognito mode: Incognito refers to a mode that enables you to surf through the internet with no traces of browsing history or cookies kept on your computer.

Tabbed browsing: You can open several web pages in tabs on Chrome. It also enables one to toggle easily from one website to another browser’s window.

Pop-up blocker: There is a pre-installed pop-up blocker in Chrome, which prevents pesky pop-ups from occurring.

Download manager: One can use a built-in download manager in Chrome without hassle for managing his/her files.

Tab groups: These tabs are categorized by tab groups so that related tabs appear as one complete unit in a single window. It helps in ordering and management of your tabs.

Site isolation: This technique also enhances security since it makes it possible to isolate each of the sites away from any others.

Native lazy-loading: Lazy-loading of native content helps in improving performance by only loading images when a visitor scrolls down a page.

WebXR: WebXR is an immersive web API capable of powering experiences in VR and AR.

Let us see how to fix Confirm Form Resubmission err_cache_miss:

Google Chrome display Confirm Form Resubmission (err_cache_miss) is an alert message in case one refreshes a webpage upon submission of a form or clicks the Back button without pressing Submit again. This occurs due to Google Chrome stores the form data that is submitted on a webpage. When the user attempts to reload a page, Chrome refills this field with the cache information, hence auto-refilling the forms. Here are some ways to fix Confirm Form Resubmission err_cache_miss.


1. Reload the page

The least complex way in which you can correct the err_cache_miss Confirm Form Resubmission is by simply reloading the page. If you press the refresh button in Chrome while filling out forms on a page, Chrome may not use the cached form data and fetch the most recent copy of the page from the server again. Just to refresh this page either press the control button then R on a keyboard or use the refresh option in the browser’s taskbar.

2. Delete all your cookies and browsing history

Deleting everything temporarily in your browser storage will clear up the cached form data as well. To clear your browser’s cache and cookies, follow these steps:

  • Start Google Chrome and press the three points in the upper right corner.
  • Under the “more tools” menu click “clear browsing data”.
  • Select “All time” in the “Time range” drop-down menu.
  • Ensure that there should be a check or tick against “Cookies and other website information” and “Cached images and files”.
  • Click the “Clear data” button.

3. Disable form caching

Form caching will be disabled in Chrome and prevent it from storing form data. Depending on how often you end up submitting those forms, you could opt for this as an alternative, whereby Chrome does not automatically resubmit the submitted form data when refreshing the page. To disable form caching in Chrome, follow these steps:

  • Launch the Chrome browser and press “three dots” at the far-right corner of the screen.
  • Select “More tools” > “Extensions”.
  • Go down to the “Extensions” part and switch off “form caching”.+

4. Use a different browser

In case this does not work out, consider resubmitting the form through a different web browser such as Firefox or Edge. It could be that other browsers process form caching differently from the way Chrome does resulting in the lack of errors on a normal browser.

5. Contact the website administrator

You may also seek help from the website’s administrator if this error persists. It is possible that you can get assistance from a website administrator in solving the problem or finding alternative measures to address it.

Other ideas on how to fix the Confirm Form Resubmission err_cache_miss error

Ensure you are cautious in refreshing or pressing the back button after filing a form.

Look for a confirmation message on that page in case a submitted form is doubtful.

Use secure connections such as HTTPS when submitting sensitive forms like those used in the credit card application.


Google Chrome displays the alert message “Confirm Form Resubmission” (err_cache_miss) if the user refreshes the page after submitting a form or hits the Back button without clicking Submit again. This happens as a result of Google Chrome storing form submission data on websites. Chrome automatically fills in forms by reusing the cached data in this field whenever the user tries to refresh the page. This article is a comprehensive guide on “How to Fix Confirm Form Resubmission err_cache_miss”.


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