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At TechWhySo, we are passionate about technology and now you can also Write for us. Our mission is to provide you with the latest updates, insightful articles, and helpful tutorials to keep you informed and empowered in the ever-evolving world of technology.

We understand that readers are constantly seeking to explore new technologies, and we also extend a warm welcome to businesses related to technology for guest blogging. Whether you have a technology-related business or simply want to submit your content to reach a wider audience, we invite you to write for us. If you have expertise in tech topics such as software development, app development, cyber security, and more, you can become a guest blogger at TechWhySo.

We highly appreciate guest posts and content relevant to technology write for us. If you are looking for a platform that can help you with your brand awareness, making new contacts, and building an online presence, then you are at the right place.

Before publishing your content, we will go through a set of quality checks that will ensure that your content is error-free. We only entertain high-quality content that is relevant to tech topics.

Join us at and contribute to the technology community today!

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Technology Write for us


Who should submit guest posts on technology write for us?

The answer is anyone who loves technology, looking for guest posting on tech blogs, and belongs to the following categories –

  • Who wish to enhance their brand reach
  • Who wish to tell their story to a wide range of audience
  • Who wish to make contacts in the technological world
  • Who want to showcase their website to world

What do we mean by “Write for us technology”?

At TechWhySo, we strive to provide our readers with high quality content on the latest tech, business technology, and tech reviews. We just love demonstrating technology news and updates to our valuable audience. Here are a few technology related content areas that we love to talk about –

  1. AI and ML
  2. Mobile Development
  3. Web Development
  4. Robotics
  5. Automation
  6. Tech gadget reviews
  7. Cybersecurity
  8. Data Privacy
  9. IoT (Internet of Things)
  10. VR and AR
  11. Blockchain and Cryptocurrency
  12. Cloud Computing and Infrastructure
  13. Entrepreneurship and Tech Startups
  14. Digital Marketing

We don’t accept guest posts on – TechWhySo

  • Topics that have already been covered on TechWhySo
  • Non technology or tech related business blogging
  • We do not entertain poker, casinos, gambling, adult, betting, dating, and porn-related articles and links.

tech "write for us"

Why you should submit your articles on TechWhySo?

We appreciate guest writers with high-quality content to publish their content with TechWhySo. As this is a give-and-take relationship, we promote your articles through our website. With TechWhySo, you can reach out to a wider audience who are eagerly waiting to read original technology content.

Benefits of a guest post on TechWhySo

1. Expect Better Traffic Every Time

Our website is known for publishing high-ranking content, which means that if you provide quality content with a decent search volume, you can anticipate a consistent flow of traffic. By submitting a well-crafted guest post, you can enhance the value of your blog while simultaneously increasing web traffic.

2. Boost Your Domain Authority

A high Domain Authority is crucial for any website. By contributing an article to our site, you have the opportunity to elevate your Domain Authority, leading to improved statistics for your blog.

3. Expand Your Network

Increased traffic translates to more visitors to your site, resulting in greater potential for generating leads and increasing sales. Writing a guest post helps you establish new connections and broaden your network.

4. Evaluate Your Domain’s Worth

The Domain Rating of a website plays a vital role in determining its value. It is essential to maintain a high domain authority, and one way to achieve this is by writing guest posts for authority blogs like ours. By doing so, you can quickly enhance your SEO domain rating.

5. Enhance Keyword Rankings

While this reason is listed last, it remains a significant motivation for posting content on other websites. Composing well-researched articles for relevant blogs can improve your own blog’s search engine ranking by targeting specific keywords.

“Tech Write for Us”: Guest posting guidelines

To make sure an efficient submission process, here are some guidelines you need to follow:

  1. Word count: Blogs must be between 800 to 1200 words in length. But, we would like to have quality content over word count. Therefore, you should only focus on providing high-quality content rather than just word count.
  2. Original content: The content must be original and free from plagiarism. Plagiarism is strictly prohibited.
  3. Language: Your content must be in English and free from grammatical errors.
  4. Writing style: We expect to get a clear and reader-friendly article.
  5. Formatting: Submit your guest post in Google Docs or Word document format.
  6. Author bio: Add a brief intro about the author in 50-100 words.

Mandatory guidelines for guest writers and bloggers

  • Minimum 800 words in length
  • Do correct interlinking with our previous blog
  • Add copyright-free images (at least 1)
  • The article must be strictly related to our categories.

How to submit technology guest post?

You can send your articles to Our editorial team will review your work and get back to you within a week. if your work is selected for publishing, we may make small edits for formatting purposes.

The procedure of technology blogs publication:

  • The editorial team will review your article to ensure it is well-written and original.
  • we have a right to make any modifications as needed.
  • If your submitted article meets our guidelines, you will get a confirmation for it within a week.
  • Once your article is published, you cannot re-publish it on any other channel.

We Can Write technology blogs For You

If you want, we can help you out with amazing articles. Yes, you heard it right. We have experienced writers that can help you fulfill your content needs. You just need to provide us with keywords or topics and we will give you a high-quality article. For more details, please reach out to us at

Frequently asked questions

1. Are posts permanent?

Yes, the posts are permanent. However, we may modify it.

2. Are links dofollow?

Yes. If the given link is content related, we will give you dofollow link.

3. Are you accepting other language articles?

No. We only accept articles in English

4. Can I republish the article on my own blog or website?

Once we have published your article on inflammable, we request you not to republish it on other guest post sites. However, you can freely share the link on your personal website and other platforms.

5. Will I be compensated for my contributions?

As of now, we don’t offer any type of compensation for guest blogs. However, we give you the platform to showcase your talent, build an online presence, and reach out to a wider audience.

6. Will my article be edited before publication?

If we have selected your article for publishing, our editorial team may make some minor edits for formatting and clarity purposes. We will make sure that the core essence of your article remains the same.

7. How long does it take to hear back about my submission?

We try to review all submissions within a week. However, because of the high volume of submissions we get, we may not be able to entertain all inquiries. If you haven’t heard from us in 2 weeks, you can assume that we have rejected your submission.



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