7 Reasons Ethernet Not Working but Wifi Is [Fixed]

Ethernet not working wifi is

Since its inception in the 1960s, the Internet found its boom after the 1990s when personal computers came into the picture. A Ethernet network that allows numerous computers all around the world to connect and share information in various ways through text, images, videos, and whatnot. In this 21st century, the Internet has been successful in becoming a need for today’s world and population. Everything from a needle to the recipe for making a bomb is available just a click away. 

So, what happens if something so important for your life’s sustenance suddenly vanishes due to some cable or device fault?

Yes, we are talking about the disrupted internet service due to a faulty ethernet. Here in this article we’ll talk about reasons and fixes behind why Ethernet Not Working but Wifi Is. 

Have you ever thought about what amount of loss businesses will incur if the internet disconnects for just 1 hour? Well, it is 7.9 billion in lost revenue. With this statement, you can realize why network nourishment is so important nowadays.

Ethernet is a wired computer networking technology that uses a local area network (LAN) and a wide area network (WAN). It is a family of wired computer networking technologies commonly used in LANs, Metropolitan Area Networks (MANs), and WANs. Ethernet has a set of protocols that allows devices to communicate over a shared cable.

Ethernet saw its inception in the 1980s, and later on in the early 1990s when personal computers and the internet began their collaboration, ethernet became the best choice for consumers.

It became so prevalent that computer manufacturers started providing a separate port for cable connectivity. But later on, this stint got a bit stuck, when wireless connectivity famously known as the WIFI came into the picture.

Although ethernet remains the preferred choice of industries and large businesses, WIFI took its share of household and small and medium-sized computer operations. This was all due to the continuous problems faced by the ethernet users which motivated them to move to WIFI.

So, let us understand first why is your ethernet not working but Wifi is;

Reasons behind Ethernet Not Working but Wifi Is

1. Disabled Ethernet adapter

There might be a strong chance that your ethernet adapter is disabled in your network connection settings.

2. Damaged LAN wire

As a  damaged relationship is critical for your heart, such is the damaged LAN wire for your ethernet connectivity. There are high chance that your cable might be kinked or damaged.

3. Faulty Network drivers

It is said that the best car at first needs the best driver or you are planning for destruction, such is the importance of a network driver. There are chances that your driver has either gone outdated or is corrupted. It is always better to keep your drivers updated from relevant websites.

4. Incorrect Plugging

You never ask your heart to digest and your stomach to beat, right? It is very important that your ethernet cable is always plugged in the correct ethernet port on your computer as well as the correct port on your router/ device to function efficiently.

5. Malware Infection

There are chances that your enemies of the ethernet lie right there in your computer. Always make sure that your computer is scanned and is free from any kind of virus or malware because they can also be the reason for your disrupted connection.

6. Faulty Router/switch

At times we water the stem while we forget to water the roots of the plant, and still think that it will grow! It is the same reason that causes ethernet to stop as if the router or the switch ports are not working even after having a proper connection of cable then it is time to change them and get a new one.

Fixes for Ethernet Not Working but Wifi Is

Now, let us find out the solutions to fix the issue of nonfunctioning ethernet while the wifi is still working:

1. In the case of a disabled ethernet adapter

It is not a complex process to fix a disabled ethernet adapter, but before proceeding you must first check whether ethernet is actually disabled from your network settings. If it is the issue then:

  1. Go to “Settings” on your PC

2. Search for ‘Network and connection or Networks and Internet” for MAC OS click on wifi and select “Open Network Preferences”

3. Check ‘status’ to see if you are connected

4. If not, then click on “change adapter options”, right-click on the ethernet option, and “enable” it.

Restart your computer and Eureka! It is done.

2. In the case of an unplugged ethernet cable

First go to the network settings to confirm whether you are connected to the internet or not. If the answer is negative then, first check on both computer and router ports whether the cables are plugged in properly.

You have to check on both ports so that the cables are not loose. If you find them to be loose, then unplug them and plug in the cable back to ensure it is appropriately connected in place both for the router as well as the computer.

3. In the case of damaged cable

This is a most common issue which is highly found in industries as well as in homes. Once the setup is done people normally forget to perform maintenance and check for the cables, as a result getting ditched by the ethernet at the wrong time.

Well, in the case of such an act, first go to network settings to check the ‘status’ of your network. If the status says, “Network cable unplugged” even though your cable is connected then this is the time to change your ethernet cables and get a new one. The average price of ethernet cable ranges from 10$ to 500$.

4. In the case of faulty ethernet ports

Due to constant use in a single port, at times the port in the device gets damaged both from the router side as well as from the computer side. But you do not need to worry about it as first of all these ports are replaceable and the router mostly has different ports to connect so if one port doesn’t function you can still connect on the other ports and get your job done.

5. If your driver is corrupt or outdated

There might be a chance that your computer does not possess the correct drivers to drive the ethernet connection to success. Nowadays, most PC drivers come with ‘plug and use’ options where the drivers are automatically installed, but these drivers can go outdated or corrupt, and, in such cases, here is your go-to solution:

  1. Reach the Device Manager or Control Panel on your PC

2. Find “Network Adapters”

3. Right-click on ethernet and select “update driver”

4. “Search automatically for updated driver software”

In some cases, if you have the latest driver on a USB drive or CD, then select “browse my computer for driver software”.

And there you go with an updated driver and a strong ethernet back again.

6. If malware is your main culprit

A router uses software to run and malware creates a ruckus in the computer thus causing harm to all the software slowing down or even blocking your PC’s internal functioning and stopping the internet connectivity.

The best way to save your computer and drivers is to install and let antivirus software run security checks regularly and protect your software and drivers from any malicious program. An efficient antivirus is worth investing in as it removes all kinds of spyware and malware from your computer as a shield for efficient functioning.

7. Operating system is a problem

Nowadays this issue is quite prevalent as most OS comes with built-in firewalls and security protocols preventing any incoming and outgoing connections to the PC. You can fix this issue by formatting your computer and reinstalling the OS, updating your OS to the latest version, and disabling the firewall for ethernet to establish a connection.

Well, these are some of the reasons why your ethernet is not working even if your wifi is. Using these solutions will help you to resolve any ethernet issue to a large extent.

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