How to check who viewed your Instagram profile?

How to check who viewed your Instagram profile

Instagram is a popular social media platform with billion of active users who log in to their profile page. Instagram users spend their time surfing the app. It is a kind of entertainment as well as a knowledge hub for every age group.  Instagram also lets you see someone’s profile. This also means that there is a bunch of people who use the platform just to stalk others. If you have a public profile, you will end up finding a lot of Instagram stalkers. But, can you find your Instagram stalker’s profile? Can you find out who views your IG profile without following you? Let’s find out.

Can you see who viewed your Instagram profile?

As of now, Instagram does not allow users to see who viewed their profile. However, there are certain ways that can help you find out who viewed your Instagram account. As you can’t see who views or is stalking your profile, the legit way to do this is via Instagram stories. We will talk about it further in the article. Additionally, there are many third-party apps that can tell you who viewed your Insta profile.

How to check who viewed your Instagram profile?

These third-party apps can make it possible to see the exact number of profile visits. Since Instagram does not allow you legally to know who has viewed your account, these third-party apps come as a helping hand. However, let me tell you that these kinds of apps are not fully reliable. Let’s understand these apps in a bit of detail.

1. Influxy

Influxy for viewing instagram profile

Influxy is a specialized tool designed to help you monitor changes in your list of followers and following on social media. With this app, you can easily identify if someone has blocked, unblocked, or unsubscribed from your account. Furthermore, it enables you to check if someone has unfollowed you or made changes to their name or username.

By downloading the Influxy app on your phone, you can analyze and track who has viewed your Instagram profile and stories. This user-friendly app allows you to determine when and who visited your profile, even if they didn’t engage with your content.

While it may be disheartening, it’s natural to want to know who’s viewing your profile without showing their support through likes or comments.

This app offers additional features such as checking your popularity, identifying stalkers, and monitoring your friends’ activities on your profile, including reactions and comments on your posts.

2. Visitors Pro App

Visitors Pro App to view instagram profile visitors

Install this app and allow it to collect your Instagram data. Once it performs automatic calculations, you’ll have access to accurate results revealing your stalkers, those who have viewed your Instagram profile most frequently. It helps you identify who shows the most interest in your images and stories. This app has personally assisted me in tracking those who view my Instagram account the most.

3. Followers Track

This Instagram analytics app offers a fast and precise analysis of your profile and account. It also provides a hashtag manager, which aids in profile growth, increased engagement, and expanding your reach.

This app generates detailed reports on your followers, including those who don’t follow you back, those whom you don’t follow back, followers who have unfollowed you, users who have blocked you, profile visitors, and viewers of your IG stories.

Not only individuals but also businesses can leverage this app to track their Instagram account statistics effectively.

4. WProfile – Who Viewed My InstagramHow to check who viewed your Instagram profile?

With WProfile – Who Viewed My Instagram, you can easily identify who views your Instagram profile. This app enables you to track individuals who follow, unfollow, or block you on Instagram. It also allows you to view and save Instagram stories and posts from those who visit your profile. Additionally, the app sends notifications for all relevant activities. You can utilize the statistics for any profile and pin your favorite Instagram profiles to create your personalized timeline.

5. SocialView


SocialView for Instagram is an app for iPhone users. It can help you see the number of people who viewed your account. However, if you g to the app review section, you will see many people complaining about the app not working properly.

6. Profile+

This app claims to find out the viewers of your IG account. However, this app does not work either. Moreover, it asks you to pay some amount to unlock some special feature labeled as “Who viewed my Instagram profile”. Even after paying the amount, it does not work. It only shows the people you have blocked. You can even see this on the official Instagram app anyway.

7. Follower Analyzer

This third-party app claims to show views on your Insta. However, the reality is quite different. It just pretends to work and presents you with a list of random Instagram usernames that changes every time you log in to this app. However, it poses a risk to your privacy as it has access to your Instagram account.

Why Don’t Third-Party Apps Work to see who viewed your Instagram profile?

The most important reason why these apps don’t work is very simple. Instagram provides a set of data policies that states that the app only shares data like your name, username, bio, email id, and a profile photo with third-party apps. This means that third-party apps cannot have access to even your followers.

Check who viewed your Instagram by checking who viewed your Instagram stories

Although Instagram does not allow you to see who views your Instagram page or account, there is one official way to understand who views your reels/stories/highlights. You can use this feature too. Here are the steps to follow-

  • Click on your profile icon present in the bottom left corner of your IG stories.
  • This way you will get to see who has visited your story, and ultimately your IG profile.

Moreover, you can also block any user you do not want to share your story with. You can do this by tapping on the menu present on the right side of the user’s name and selecting ‘Hide Story’.

The only issue with this feature is that you can only see your story for 24 hours, after that, the story disappears. therefore, you need to check the list daily to make your move.

Using Instagram Business Accounts to See Who Views Your Instagram Profile

To discover who has viewed your Instagram profile, you can utilize an Instagram business account. By having an Instagram business account, you gain access to valuable information about visitors to your Instagram page, such as their location, age range, gender, and online activity time. However, the insights provided do not disclose the identities of individual users who have viewed your profile.

If you desire access to such specific user data, converting your personal Instagram account into a business account is a simple process. To proceed, navigate to Instagram Settings and select the ‘Switch to Business Profile’ option. Then, connect your Instagram account to a Facebook Page that you manage.

Instagram will prompt you to choose the contact information you wish to import from your Facebook page, as at least one contact info is required for Instagram business accounts. Your newly created Instagram business account will be ready for use. It’s important to note that Instagram Insights do not retrieve historical data; data collection begins once the Instagram business account is set up.

Here’s another way to see Instagram stalkers

  • Add a video or a photo to your account highlights.
  • Hide them from your subscribers.
  • Non-subscribed users will see them but they will be unknown to the fact that you have made this setting.
  • Click on Story in the Privacy setting.
  • You can select who to hide the story from.
  • Add your story and save it in highlights. Then delete the story.

How to make your Instagram account private?

Now you know your Instagram profile visits via posts and stories, you can make your account private if you want. This way, you can prevent unknown users access to information that Instagram shows

To make your account private, you just need to go to setting< Private Account.

Can someone see Instagram profile views?

The straightforward answer to this is NO. No one can count on who viewed their profile.

How to see who viewed my Instagram posts?

Currently, there is no way to determine who has viewed your photos and videos uploaded to your Instagram feed or timeline, including Reels. Instagram does not provide this feature by default, and there is no option in the settings to enable it. While the absence of such a feature may appear unfortunate, Instagram does not allow you to monitor the viewers of your posts at present.

However, there is a workaround you can employ by checking the users who have liked your posts. When you are on Instagram and viewing one of your posts, you can tap on ‘Liked by’ below the post to see the users who have liked that particular photo or video. Although this method is not foolproof, anyone who has liked your Instagram post has also seen it. Additionally, for videos you’ve uploaded, Instagram displays the number of views they have received. While this information does not reveal the identities of viewers, it does indicate how many people have watched the video.


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