How to edit a PDF on Mac – Easiest methods [no software needed]

How to edit a PDF on Mac – Easiest methods [no software needed]

Are you someone who wants to edit your documents, but the only problem in your way is your Macintosh?

Then here we have a complete solution for you consisting of both knowledge about your Mac and the solution for the above-mentioned problem.

So, let’s check out How to edit a PDF on Mac –

How to edit a PDF on Mac?

Method-1: Using Preview

To edit a PDF on Mac select your pdf:

  • Open the PDF in Preview.
  • Then click on the “Show Markup” toolbar button (which will resemble a pen).
  • Choose a tool for editing PDFs. For instance, you can use the Text button when typing the text.
  • At the click of a button in that PDF you wish to make your changes.
  • Editing of Text, Images, and Other Elements.
  • Make your changes.
  • Click on the File menu and save to save your changes.

How to edit a PDF on Mac

Here are some specific examples of how to edit a PDF using Preview:

1. To add text

Press the Text in the Markup toolbar. Press enter after selecting the text you wish to add. Moreover, you can use the Font and Text Size buttons to adjust the look of the message.

2. To edit existing text

To edit a portion of text, double-click it and make the required modification. There are also options available in which you can edit text through cut, copy & paste buttons.

3. To add an image

Click on the “Image” button provided in the Markup toolbar, followed by that particular image. With this, you are then free to resize or adjust its position.

4. To remove an image

Right-click on any picture you would like to get rid of, and then hit Delete.

5. To rotate an image

Choose the image you wish to flip and click the Rotate button from the Markup Toolbar. Rotate it again using the rotation control slider.

6. To add a comment

Click the Comment button and a window will appear for you to post your remark. The comment also can be changed in its appearance by using the Font and Text Size buttons.

Method 2: Employing a third-party PDF editor.

It is worth mentioning that there are a range of third-party PDF editors used with Macs including Adobe Acrobat Pro DC, PDF Element, and Soda PDF. Such editors usually have a broader set of functions as compared to Preview, including editing previously written text and creating or editing signatures.

Some tips for How to edit a PDF on Mac:

1. Use the right tool for the job

If you are doing just a few corrections to the PDF, it is like adding text or comments using the prebuilt preview application. But when you have bigger edits like editing existing texts or introducing forms, it is recommended that you utilize an external third-party PDF editor.

2. Save your changes regularly

Always save your editing of a PDF periodically during your work. In this case, it protects you against losing your work when things go wrong.

3. Backup your original PDF

It is advisable to back up the original PDF before editing it. So, it provides the ability to restore an original PDF in case of an error.

Hope the above information helps!!

The Macintosh computer is a line of personal computers made, designed, and created by Apple Inc. They are popular because of their easy use, fast processing systems, and many benefits associated with them. There are so many reasons why people use computers at home or for work in many parts of this world.

Mac popularly known as “Macintosh” is a line of personal computers developed and sold by Apple Inc. It was the first commercially successful desktop machine with a graphical user interface and a mouse.

Apple Inc. sells a range of Macintosh computers that include the MacBook Air, MacBook Pro Laptop, iMac All-In-One, Mac Mini, Mac Studio Media Desktop, Mac Pro Workstation desktop, and MacBook Air Laptop for Consumer Use. The macOS operating system is used in all Mac computers developed by Apple Inc. Apple has been successful in designing its computer products with such precision that these look appealing and have acquired a ‘human’ face.

History of Macintosh computers

The Macintosh computer came first in 1984. It became the first financially viable private computer operating on GUI that let people communicate with a PC by means of a mouse and icon-based display.

Macintosh revolutionized computers and marked the onset of a new era. Most of the computers before the Macintosh went to experts/hobbyists. Macintosh opened up computers for common use and marked the beginning of the personal computing era.

Today, the Macintosh has changed dramatically with time. Over the years, Apple manufactured numerous distinct types of Macintosh computer designs that all have their specific characteristics. However, all Macintosh computers have at their heart a common core design built around the use of a GUI and a mouse.

Let us see some of the most popular Macintosh of today’s generation:

  1. MacBook Air: MacBook Air is a perfect laptop for people who prefer portability, especially to students or professionals. With this notebook, you get a powerful M1 or M2 chip, a long-lasting battery, and several useful functions for comfortable usage and work efficiency.
  2. MacBook Pro: The MacBook Pro is an impressive computer with high performance suited for professional creators and gamers. This has an M1 Pro or M1 Max Chip, a high-resolution display, and multiple ports for connection of external devices.
  3. iMac: The iMac is a perfect home user or student’s all-in-one desktop computer. The device is packed with an advanced M1 or M2 chip, retina display, and several features making it user-friendly and enhancing productivity.
  4. Mac mini: The Mac mini is a compact and efficient desktop computer that is perfect for those users who require a strong computer with a restricted space budget. The device features an M1 or M2 Chip, ports for connecting various external devices, and is easily customized according to the preferences of different people.
  5. Mac Pro: The Mac Pro is a top-of-the-range desktop targeted at media professionals and power users. This computer comes complete with powerful Intel Xeon processors, and numerous ports for connection of extra peripherals, and it could even be tailored to suit any demanding user’s expectations.

Let us see some of the Key Benefits of Macintosh computers:

  1. Productivity: The Macintosh was created to increase user’s productivity. Mac OS is very effective and user-friendly with well-tailored and versatile pre-installed software application packages.
  2. Creativity: Creative persons prefer Macintosh computers because they come equipped with many features and tools for generating or editing content in plenty. By way of illustration, both the iMac and MacBook Pro come with retina displays, which make it possible to carry out photo and video editing processes with absolute precision.
  3. Gaming: Many gamers prefer Macintosh computers as they have a wide range of high-performance gaming laptops and desktops. For instance, the MacBook Pro and Mac Pro can have top-end graphics cards and other hardware components that allow you to play the last games in the world.
  4. Education: The use of Macintosh computers globally is immense in schools and universities. Both teachers and students enjoy using them since these types of CDs often come with various educational applications.
  5. Security: Macintosh computers have very good security. Such users can confidently keep their data confidentiality secure from any unapproved intrusion.
  6. Business uses: For instance, with Macintosh, one can use various tools for productivity that include producing, sharing, and manipulating documents, presentation slides, and spreadsheets of different formats. Macs’ security features make them suitable for companies looking up secure data such as in this context of business.


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