6 Easiest Ways of How To Hide Ethernet Cables

How To Hide Ethernet Cables

Do your home walls look all married to the wires like the above scene and you’re trying How To Hide Ethernet Cables? If it is, then the time has come to get rid of this unholy knot and let your walls breathe. For a very long time, Ethernet has been considered the most reliable source of internet and that is why even in this wireless era, organisations and individuals both prefer Ethernet when it comes to fast, uninterrupted, and reliable internet services. But, with this boon comes a plethora of lifeless wires which are just fitted during the initial days and later become the mother source of many problems.

Let us discuss the major issues faced due to these Exposed Ethernet Wires:

  1. The Ethernet cables that are left open make the house look highly unattractive and make it look like a nerdy gamer’s room rather than a classy abode.
  2. These open Ethernet cables are a major cause of short circuits in most houses as open wires might interact with other wires and create a ruckus.
  3. Although these cables have an insulated cover, although after many years these cables lose their cover which can lead to electrocution at times.
  4. The Ethernet cables when left in the open lose their color and appearance soon which ultimately gives them an untidy look for themselves as well as the area where they are present.
  5. Ethernet cables have always been considered a live hazard element for kids and elderly people at homes.
  6. The above reasons are some of the major concerns which lead us to our question:
  7. What is the solution for these efficient yet open untidy-looking lifeless Ethernet cables?
  8. Well, do not worry because we have got you covered on this problem. The problem of open Ethernet cables has always been a major concern for organizations and homes altogether.

So, Let us Find out How To Hide Ethernet Cables:

1. The Furniture Shield:

Yes, you saw it right. It is said that simplicity is an art, and your items of furniture are the go-to solution for you in covering the Ethernet cables. All you have to do is bind and stack all these cables with the help of a cord clip and then hook them into closets and cabinets. This will not only provide your house or office with a sleek experience but will also save these wires from getting disturbed or torn. The most important thing that you have to take care of is the length of your cable so that you can realise the number of cords you need.

2. Cable Raceways- The cover to not get discovered:

Now, that you have decided to hide these untidy wires the world comes at your help and this is where you find the cable raceways. These are surface-mounted covering structure that protects the cable from heat, dust, light, and even moisture and also keeps them undiscoverable. These raceways are made from high-impact PVC which keeps your cable hidden from children, pets, etc., and also gives your walls a chance to smile. The best part is even yet to come, you can put your wires into it and further paint them in the same color as your wall to give a beautiful finish with all your purposes fulfilled.

Cable Raceways- The cover to not get discovered

3. The Wall Companion:

This idea requires a lot of effort but trust me it is a worthy solution. All you have to do is drill your walls, bind the cable with cable ties and tapes, and put them on the sides of the wall so that they cannot be seen with running eyes. The most important factor which you have to take care of here is to make accurate measurements of the length of the wire as well as the hole which you are going to do in order to make this renovation work.

4. Cord covers:

The most easily available solution to the open Ethernet cables which you can find in every hardware store are cord covers. These covers are made of metal and plastics and can also be found in various designs available in the market. These are quite versatile solutions that are nowadays highly used in offices, homes, and industrial areas. The range of these cord covers is so vast that you can realize it from the fact that their sizes differ from product to product.

5. Cable Trays:

One of the most prominent solutions for protecting Ethernet cables, Cable trays have always been high in demand in industrial areas, offices, airports, and malls. Their exquisite finish and their capacity to hold a heavy chunk of wires have proved them highly efficient for larger areas. This mechanical support element provides a strong structural system for Ethernet cables. These cable trays are highly useful where changes in cables are occurring frequently and repairs are needed most of the time. The Ethernet cables can be laid off in the tray rather than putting them inside tubes or raceways. These cable trays are made of galvanized steel and Aluminium. You can also find non-metallic glass fibered trays in the market which are equally useful.

Hide Ethernet Cables with Cable Trays

6. Cable ties and Clips:

These are one of the most frequently used and easily accessible solutions for covering Ethernet cables. These work as a precursor for most of the solution but even if you bind the wires using cable ties and clips, it will give them a tidier look than a fussy group of cables. These cable ties are mostly made of plastic and are an economic investment in hiding Ethernet cables. One of the most used solutions in houses, they do not cover the wires but bundle them together so that there are no instances of short circuits or mistaken electrocution.

Cable ties and Clips To Hide Ethernet Cables

The above-mentioned ideas and types of equipment are the answers to all your worries related to h to hide ethernet cables. These solutions are highly used and have only one objective at last and that is to provide ease to you and decrease your concerns. So next time you get your ethernet installed also have these small preparations done for removing long-term worries.


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