How to play PS4 on the laptop without remote play?

How to play PS4 on the laptop without remote play?

Now you do not need a remote play for your PS4 to play on your PC. Yes, you read that right! All you need are some different combinations of cables and your job is done!

PlayStation 4 or PS4 which is popularly known among gamers is a personal video game console developed by Sony Interactive Entertainment. It was first released on 15th November 2013 in North America followed by Europe on 29th November 2023, and Japan on 22nd February 2014. It is considered a successor of PlayStation 3 and is part of the 8th generation of video game consoles. It competes with Microsoft’s Xbox One, Switch, and Wii U.


The technology of PlayStation 4 is similar to modern personal computers, making it easier to use and less expensive for gaming studios to develop games for it. It consists of an Advanced Processing Unit (APU) developed by AMD, being one of the most powerful APUs at the time of its release.

PS4 on the laptop without remote play

The Operating System of PS4 is called Orbis OS. The PS4 offers a wide range of games and entertainment options, such as it has vibrant HDR technology for enhanced visuals.

Variants: There are different variants of the PS4 model such as PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro. The slim model provides a very compact finish while the Pro model offers the best performance for 4K and enhanced HDR displays.

All in all, we can say that PS4 is a strong gaming console that features an AMD Jaguar processor combined with an AMD Radeon graphics card and 8GB GDDR5 RAM. It has a built-in WIFI adapter as well. PS4 boasts a more minimalistic and sleeker look as compared to its predecessors and has been designed with a more comfortable grip and a built-in touchpad.

The PS4 offers a wide range of games consisting of both exclusive and third-party titles, such as:

  1. God of War
  2. Marvel’s Spider-Man
  3. Horizon Zero Dawn
  4. Grand Theft Auto 5
  5. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare
  6. Fortnite

How to play PS4 on the laptop without remote play

What is Remote Play in PS4?

Remote play is a distinguished feature provided on the PlayStation 4 console that helps you to stream games from your PS4 to other devices, such as a computer, tablet, or smartphone. It simply means that even if you do not have your console, you can still play your PS4 games on your choice of devices. The PlayStation 4’s Remote Play function lets users play console games on other devices. You can now play your PS4 games even if you don’t have your console with you. To do this, a Wi-Fi or mobile data connection is necessary. Use a DualShock 4 controller to control games on your remote device.

Let us look at some of the benefits provided by Remote play:

1. Convenience

You can play PS4 games anywhere with a high-speed internet connection.

2. Portability

Watching PS4 games is possible on smaller screens, like smartphones or tablets.

3. Flexibility

Remote Play allows you to play PS4 games on a different TV in your home or at a friend’s house.

4. Socialization

Play PS4 games with friends using Remote Play, where you can easily join their sessions.

Though remote play has some benefits it also has some major drawbacks such as:

5. Latency

When you take an action, it can take some time for it to appear on the screen; this is called latency. The distance between PS4 console and the remote device, internet connection quality, and processing power of the remote device can cause this. When playing fast-paced games that require precise timing, latency can be a noticeable drawback.

6. Resolution and frame rate

Remote Play has an effect on the resolution and frame rate in games. As resolution and frame rate rise, so does the data that must be streamed, which could result in more latency. The frame rate can be affected by Remote Play, making games feel choppy or laggy.

7. Compatibility

Remote Play does not work with all games. Graphical glitches and functionality issues may be present when playing some games through Remote Play. Real-time streaming is needed for Remote Play, and certain games might not have enough bandwidth to support it 

8. Requirements

To use Remote Play, a high-speed internet connection and a compatible remote device are essential. For the game to work, the remote device must have sufficient power. When using a mobile device for Remote Play, the battery can be quickly drained. 

9. Battery life

When using a mobile device for Remote Play, the battery can drain quickly. Just because the mobile device is constantly streaming video and audio from the PS4 console. To avoid this, try using a wired internet connection or a power bank.

10. Controller

For controlling games on your remote device, using a DualShock 4 controller is essential. If you don’t possess a DualShock 4, consider buying one or seeking an alternative that can connect to Remote Play.

Let us now address the elephant in the room, i.e.

How can we play PS4 on the laptop without Remote Play?

  1. To play PS4 on a laptop without Remote Play, you will need a video capture card. With a video capture card, you can record or transmit footage from an electronic device to your PC.
  2. To use the card, link up your PS4 and laptop along with the new video capture solution you just installed. The way to integrate a video capture card can vary according to its manufacturer and type. But overall, connecting the HDMI output from your PS4 to the HDMI input on the video capture card is necessary. A USB port on your laptop will also need to have the USB output from the video capture card connected.
  3. Following the connection of the video capture card, be sure to set up its corresponding software bundle. The program will let you watch and capture the video output generated by your PS4.
  4. In order to play PS4 games on your laptop, open the software for your video capture card. Most often, you can find a feature in the software that will show your PS4’s video output on your computer screen. After mirroring the video, start playing PS4 games on your laptop.

Additional requirements for How to play PS4 on the laptop without remote play?

Some of the additional requirements that need to be taken care of are:

  1. To process the video output from your PS4, make sure your laptop has a powerful enough processor and graphics card.
  2. To get top results from your video capture card, tailor software settings accordingly.
  3. A possible downside of using a video capture card is increased latency in the signal which might impact your gaming experience.

Hope this article makes your gaming experience more hassle-free and fun.


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