How to power wash a Chromebook?

How to power wash a Chromebook

What is Power washing?

The power wash feature on Chromebooks removes all the locally stored data on your system, such as your downloads, and apps installed along with all your settings. Power wash is in essence a ‘factory reset’; however, Google prefers to use such an innocuous-sounding term. 

There are several instances where power washing may come in handy. If, for instance, you need to sell your Chromebook, give it away, or when facing some Chromebook issues, you would power wash it. Also, power washing helps accelerate the Chromebook and clears all of the unwanted files.


Here are some of the things that power wash will erase:

  • Files such as documents, photos, videos, and songs can be downloaded.
  • Apps are both downloaded through the Google Play store and sideloaded.
  • Including your preferences for such as wallpaper, keyboard layout, and time zone.
  • Your whole local data on Google Chrome including browsing history, Cookies, and extension.

Important: Powerwash is an irreversible process; you will never have access to data that has been wiped out. Before power washing, save any essential files on your Chromebook.

How to power wash a Chromebook

Here are the benefits of Powerwashing:

  • Improved performance

To boost the functioning of your Chromebook in cases of malfunction or slow performance, you can consider power washing so as to erase all the wasteful junk files and temporary data.

  • Resolved software issues

You may also try out power washing for some software problems if you experience them with your Chromebook. Powerwashing could solve the problem of a Chromebook that keeps freezing, for instance, or when troubles arise in an app.

  • Fresh start

If all you want is to have a clean slate on your Chromebook, then power washing is just what you need. Delete everything on it and you’ll have an empty canvas to start fresh.

Now, let us answer our final question, i.e.

How to Power Wash a Chromebook?

To powerwash a Chromebook:

  • Sign out of your Chromebook.
  • Combine Ctrl + Alt + Shift + r.
  • Select Restart.
  • Click on Powerwash in the box that appears.
  • Click Continue.
  • Powerwash is also made simple with these guides that pop up on the screen.

To powerwash a Chromebook that is managed

  • Sign out of your Chromebook.
  • At the same time press and hold Esc + Refresh + Power.
  • Press the Refresh key on the Chromebook as it boots up.
  • After booting up the Chromebook click CTRL+D.
  • Press Enter.
  • Power-wash the Chromebook, then restart it.

If you are unable to powerwash your Chromebook using the above method then it is best to contact your school or IT administrator.

Features of chromebook

What is a Chromebook?

Chromebook is a particular type of laptop computer that operates with Chrome OS. This is because ChromeOS is a cloud-based operating system, where the majority of the applications used by Chromebooks reside in the internet-based ‘cloud’. As a result, in terms of speed and weight, the Chrome books are good for use since there is no fear of backup of data in time or limited input storage.

They were first produced in 2011 and have already captured the attention of millions all around the globe. These products are widely available at most schools and business places, but can also be used at home.

Since their introduction in 2011, Chromebooks have kept evolving and getting better. Nowadays, Chromebooks are much stronger and more adaptive.

The most crucial recent development concerning Chromebooks is their ability to run Android applications. Therefore, you can now use millions of Android apps on a Chromebook alongside of conventional Chrome OS apps. Consequently, Chromebooks become far more practical and advantageous in many activities.

In addition, Chrome OS Flex is one of the recent changes in Chromebooks. There exists a Chrome OS flex is a variant that can function as a replacement for Windows and Mac OS. These include turning an old, outdated Windows or Mac laptop into a functioning Chromebook. It can also help you keep your old laptop and enjoy all the benefits of Chrome OS.

Let us take a look at some of the key benefits of Chromebook:

  • Affordability

The common Chromebook is often far cheaper compared to a laptop. It is because it runs on Chrome OS that costs nothing, and for this reason, Chromebooks do not require much powerful hardware. Therefore, Chromebooks are ideal for cost-conscious customers.

  • Security

With built-in security features and data mainly in the cloud, Chromebooks make for very safe devices. The security of Chrome OS is enhanced by security features such as sandboxing, verified boot, and data encryption. As such, a Chromebook will barely be affected by malware and no one can have access to your information without authorization.

  • Ease of use

Chromebooks are user-friendly so that even non-technology-oriented persons can use them easily. Chrome OS is supposed to be simple and very easy to use. It contains several preinstalled applications and tools allowing the users to immediately start using the device for its intended purpose.

  • Versatility

Chromebooks are multi-purpose gadgets that have many functions. These devices are ideal for surfing the net, receiving emails, viewing videos, and going on social websites. These laptops are ideal for light gaming and productivity tasks as they are reliable and easy to carry around.

  • Chromebooks in the classroom

Classrooms are increasingly embracing Chromebooks. Due to its affordability, robustness, and manageability in use, many schools are opting for Chromebooks rather than regular laptops. Likewise, Chromebooks work perfectly well in the education setting with numerous educational applications and resources available.

  • Chromebooks in the enterprise

In addition, the use of Chromebooks is gaining popularity within the business world as well. As these advantages of low cost, security, and manageability are recognized in many companies, Chromebooks become more and more adequate to their needs. They are ideal for teamwork as they come pre-installed with a variety of productivity and communications applications.

Here are some of the things that you can do with a Chromebook: 

  • Browse the web
  • Check email
  • Watch videos
  • Use social media
  • Play games
  • Work on documents and presentations
  • Photo Editing and Videography.
  • Program
  • Code
  • And more!

Enterprise-wise, Chromebooks are gaining momentum. As is the case with many businesses, Chromebooks are becoming popular as they provide an economical, secure, and easy-to-manage option for companies.

It is worth mentioning that Chromebooks have been catching up in the education market. The reason why teachers prefer Chromebooks is that they are cheaper compared to other laptops, have longer operational lifespans, and are easy to use.


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