What is HDIntranet?


is an independent dental support organization offering several services to the associated dental offices. HDintranet is an important tool that helps Heartland Dental workers remain in touch with the organization.

The organization has established a network that enables other dentists affiliated with the practice to share best practices among themselves.

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In 1982, Rick Workman decided to establish Hartland Dental as a dental support organization to assist dentists in concentrating more on delivering quality patient care. Currently, Heartland Dental is the largest dental support organization in the US with more than 2,400 affiliated doctors working at about 1,700 locations throughout 38 states and the District of Columbia.

The dental practices affiliated with Heartland Dental are typically owned and managed by dentists themselves. Therefore, dentists have the discretion on how they take care of those who visit them. Nonetheless, the dentists in Heartland Dental also benefit from its resources and assistance which enable the growth of the practice and provision of high-quality care to the patients.

Heartland Dental provides a wide range of services to its affiliated dental practices, including:
  1. Marketing and advertising: Heartland Dental supplies several marketing and advertisement support services for its associated dental offices. Such include the creation of websites, developing and implementing marketing campaigns, and production of social media content. A team of marketing experts facilitates the organization’s practices that allows these clinics to achieve more patients while expanding their businesses.
  2.  Business development: In addition, Heartland Dental helps its related clinics in multiple ways by providing Business Development Programs and Services. Among others, it involves business planning, formulating marketing strategies, and managing finance. Additionally, Heartland Dental ensures that its affiliated practices can utilize support and guidance from a team of competent business development professionals to attain their business objectives.
  3. Human resources: Heartland Dental offers a wide range of HR services for its affiliated practices. They comprise activities such as human resources planning, recruitment, hiring, training, and management of employee contracts. A dedicated team of experts in HR management also ensures that practicing health care is a pleasant experience in each facility.
  4. Financial management: With various services in financial management, Heartland Dental supports its affiliated practices. Some of them include creating budgets, monitoring expenditures, and producing financial statements. The company has a team of financial management experts who assist in the financial management of the affiliated practices of Heartland Dental.
  5. Technology support: Heartland Dental offers several technology support services to its associated practices. These include setting up and managing computer systems/ hardware/ software/networks as well as troubleshooting technical faults/training users in newly developed technology. Heartland Dental provides its affiliated practices with a team of technology experts who can assist in optimizing their technology investment.
  6. Clinical support: In turn, Heartland Dental offers clinical support services to its affiliated practices. Some of these tasks include developing and rolling out clinical protocols, instructing staff on new procedures, and offering continuous educational courses. Heartland Dental has also made it possible for its affiliated practices to have access to a team of clinical experts to ensure high standards of patient care.
  7. Increased visibility: Heartland Dental is known as one of the most reliable leaders in dental support. Heartland Dental Affiliated dental practices can assist in enhancing the profile of the practice and drawing up patients through increased visibility.
  8. Group purchasing: Heartland Dental obtains volume discounts from suppliers for its affiliated practices. This could allow associated practices to purchase their supplies and equipment that are cheaper than market prices.
  9. Continuing education: Heartland Dental offers its associated practices with numerous continuing education opportunities. These include such as distance learning through online courses, webinars, or even live seminars. The company associates with Heartlands Dental through scholarship opportunities and various programs.
  10. Risk management: There are various risk management services available for the affiliated practices that belong to Heartland Dental. These include developing risk management policies and procedures, offering training in risk management, and ensuring accessibility of risk management resources. Another support is in the form of insurance products that Heartland Dental provides to offer protections to dental practices it’s associated with against losing financially.
  11. Compliance: All relevant laws and regulatory requirements are adhered to by Heartland Dental affiliate practices. These include issuing compliance education, creating compliance policy and procedure manuals, and granting compliance resource access. In addition, Heartland Dental provides other compliance-related services that enable its associated offices to abide by the law.

The focus of Hartland Dental is to assist dentists associated with that group of practices. Through its affiliated practices, Heartland Dental offers these practices with needed resources to help them run their businesses successfully, offer world-class medical services to patients, and take advantage of the benefits that come along with the growth.

Every employee at Heartland Dental has access to the HDintranet. Employees have to log in with their Heartland Dental employee ID and password to get access to the HDintranet. They would then log in and obtain full network resources.

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HDintranet remains an important tool that helps Heartland Dental workers remain in touch with the organization.

Benefits of HDintranet


Let us see some of the benefits of HDintranet:

  • Convenience: HDintranet is also web-enabled and employees can access using the internet anytime. It provides them with the simplicity of being at home but remains linked to company updates. With their mobiles, employees can check for instance, for the company’s news and announcements, access, and/or share information, or have their training at hand, no matter where they are, even off-site.
  • Accuracy: The company’s policies, procedures, and benefits are regularly updated within the HDintranet. It sees to it that employees are always well-informed with the right data anytime. The HDintranet has a search button, which aims to ensure that employees can access the relevant information with ease.
  •  Efficiency: The use of the HDintranet saves time for employees as it allows them to easily access the necessary information for their job positions. For instance, an employee can submit timesheets, view payroll information, and update personal information in HDNet. The employees may also employ HD intranet to gain access to training resources, corporate regulations, and policy documents among others to boost job performance.
  • Communication: Email, chat, and discussion forums are some of the various communication tools provided by HDintranet to its employees. This keeps them engaged with each other and the firm. For instance, an employee can send an email to their manager as one form of communication through E-Com. Alternatively, there is also a live Chat option where an employee can ask for assistance from another employee without hesitation. Employees may also use the discussion forums to share ideas as well.
  • Collaboration: The employee toolbox within the HDIntranet consists of many items that enhance collaboration among employees. For instance, employees may utilize the shared documents facility for sharing files among themselves or make use of the task management tool for tracking projects’ progress. The Hdintranet also offers a project management tool so that personnel can handle complicated projects.
  • Knowledge Management: The company’s knowledge management system is part of its intranet, known as HDintranet. This enables every employee to access the required data to efficiently perform his/her job function. The system is developed using different resources such as company policies and procedures, training materials, FAQs, and so on. The knowledge management system enables employees to post queries to which other employees or Heartland Dental experts will respond.
  • Employee Engagement: HDintranet has several features it uses to enhance employee engagement. For instance, HDintranet’s company news and announcement page is where Heartland Dental’s workforce learns about recent happenings and progress. HDintranet incorporates a social media platform for interaction among employees where they can share pictures and videos.

In general, Heartland Dental is an employee-friendly program. This gives them access to multiple resources and tools for keeping abreast of information updates, staying in touch, and being effective. It also encourages employee engagement and collaboration.


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