What is Quizizz?


Quizizz is a company that specializes in gamified lessons, tailored to teachers and learners. Quizizz was incorporated in 2015, with its headquarters in Santa Monica, California, and another office in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India.


Special Features of Quizizz:


Quizizz games created for students must be enjoyable. In every game, there is a timer and learners struggle to give correct answers first before the winner is declared. The student who accumulates the most points in a game is declared the winner.

Leaderboards within the Quizizz platform enable students to check how well they rank against other students from their class. It is an effective way of influencing pupils to give their best try. Also, Quizizz contains power-ups that help students with boosts in the game. In another instance, it could allow a student to bypass a question or double the points if they answered correctly. With its gamification features, Quizizz can help make learning more interesting and drive students. This can also be used to develop a competitive and stimulating learning climate.

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Variety of question types

When it comes to Question Types supported by Quizizz include Multiple Choice, True/False, Fill in the Blank, and Matching. These enable educators to generate customized tests for individual learners and a certain topic being taught.

Such examples include creating a multiple-choice quiz about various types of rocks or a true/ false quiz concerning elements of the human body. It would also be useful for teachers to use fill-in-the-gap questions to test their knowledge about key vocabulary and even match them with different ideas.

With the help of Quizizz, teachers can develop a more involved and stimulating study using all types of questions. Secondly, it enables teachers to appraise students’ achievements differently.

Real-time feedback

Teachers can use this for instant assessments while administering quizzes to their students using Quizizz. This enables the teacher to discern where more help is needed for a student. Say, for instance, if teachers notice that many students are scoring wrong on a certain question, they may halt the game and elucidate the concept to the entire class with more explanations. By providing immediate feedback, teachers can determine which students are facing problems in learning materials, for guidance or help.

In this respect, the use of Quizizz provides more responsiveness on the part of a teacher in meeting students’ needs in real-time. Such strategies can also show teachers the necessary changes in the curriculums.


With Quizizz students can work together in a group during a quiz. Students may use this opportunity effectively as an educational means of enhancing their knowledge through active learning.

For instance, he/she can come up with a few queries about different sorts of ecosystems. The students would then be divided into smaller groupings, and they would respond to the questions. Students would be able to share what they know to assist others in understanding the content. Through the collaboration features of Quizizz, it is possible to make the learning environment more cooperative and collaborative. Additionally, it helps students solve problems and collaborate with others.

Other special features include:

Besides the mentioned features above, the other benefits of using Quizizz can be useful to both student’s teachers. These features include:

The ability to create and share quizzes: They can make their quizzes or get them from another teacher’s pool of quizzes. In addition, they can send out quizzes they have made to fellow instructors or learners.

The ability to customize quizzes: The same flexibility is possible in developing quizzes for teacher’s students. For instance, quizzing software can modify the degree of difficulty associated with the quiz questions, the number of questions required, and the deadline for answering every question.

The ability to use images and videos in quizzes: The quizzes may be made more engaging using images, movies, etc.

The ability to generate reports: After administering a quiz, an instructor can download reports generated by Quizizz to find out the learner’s performance. This helps to monitor student’s progress and discover weak points in their performance.

Benefits of Quizizz:

Benefits for teachers

Increased student engagement: There are many interesting ways through which one could learn, using Quizizz. Gamified instructional elements like timers, leaderboards, and power-ups can incentivize learners and maintain their attention toward educational tasks.

Improved student performance: Using Quizizz, students can have an opportunity to practice and review material in a very interesting manner thus improving their overall performance. It becomes possible for a teacher to pick up on any area where students require more attention through the real-time feedback tool.

Reduced teacher workload: Using Quizizz can minimize teacher burden as it contains ready-made quizzes and reports for teachers. Teachers can come up with their quizzes for use in the classroom based on their students’ requirements.

Improved student-teacher communication: Fun student-teacher interactions are facilitated through the quizizz, and thus it helps to enhance communication between them. Teachers may make use of Quizizz to solicit answers from learners, assess progress in their lectures, and offer more assistance to learners.

Teachers may use Quizizz, for instance, to conduct pre-quiz to revise the content of a lesson they are about to begin. This may enhance learning outcomes by allowing students to understand foundational material well before they are exposed to new content.

Teachers can even adopt a new method of introducing fresh content to students with the help of Quizizz. A teacher can create a quiz for instance, about the various types of cells before beginning a lesson in cell biology. Teachers could allow learners to see the material without any explanations, before starting his/her session.

After every lesson, Quizizz can be used by a teacher to assess the progress of students. This can prove helpful especially if the teacher wants to know if the learners are fit for progressing onto another module.

With extra practice for difficult stuff, a teacher can utilize quizzes in Quizizz. For instance, a teacher might develop a test in several forms of fractions and give it to pupils having problems with that topic.

Benefits for students

Increased motivation: Fun and Motivation for Learning Through Quizizz. Gamification offers a mechanism for keeping students interested while also enticing them to engage in friendly competition with other classmates.

Improved comprehension: Using Quizizz, assists students in understanding better through revising and practicing material entertainingly. Students are also able to use the real-time feedback feature to determine if there is anything further that they will require assistance with.

Enhanced learning: The use of multiple different methods of questions offered in Quizizz, can enhance student learning. Such a method enables pupils to study well and be in charge of their education.

Increased collaboration: Using Quizizz, students would form a team while taking part in a quiz.

With its game-based approach, Quizizz has added more fun to classroom instructions. For instance, the instructor might design a quiz about various nations in the globe as well as allow students to engage in a competitive exchange where the top scorer answers the highest number of questions correctly.

Let us see the user guide for Quizizz:

  • Before using Quizizz a user is required to sign up as a member. To achieve this, visit the Quizizz site and click “sign up”. After that, you would create your account and join the quiz-making and taking party.

quizizz signup

  • Click on the “Create” button next then choose the desired quiz type you are creating. They offer a diverse range of questions such as multiple choices, true/false, fill-in-the-blank, and matching.
  • After this select the type of quiz you will make and then add questions. Just press on the “Add Question” button and put your question and selected answers. You may also include pictures/videos in your questions.
  • After you are done with this step, you should then press the “Finish” button to store the quiz. Later, you will be able to view the quiz to ascertain this. After finalizing your quiz feel free to share with others and let them take too.
  • Click on the “Play” button and select a quiz to play. You can play it as an individual quiz or with others. In case you are playing a quiz with others, you will have to generate a join code that you share with them.


If you want to participate in a quiz, go to the Quizizz site and use the join code. With this, you will be ready to do the quiz with your friends or peers.

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