How Much Do Sponsors Pay Youtubers?

how much sponsors pay youtubers

YouTube is a free online video-sharing as well as a social network located in San Bruno, California, USA. It was launched on February 14, 2005, by Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, and Jawed Karim; easily accessible worldwide. YouTube has the accolade of being the second most used product owned by Google after the search engine. YouTube has more than 2.5 billion users who watch over a billion hours of video clips daily. Refer this article learn more about YouTube, ways to make money on YouTube and how much sponsors pay youtubers.

Currently, more than 500 hours of video are posted on it each minute as of May 2019. Videos can be watched, liked, shared, commented upon, etc., on YouTube. There are other things you can do like making your own videos and uploading them on the platform. There is an array of videos on YouTube such as music videos, film trailers, TV show clips, educative materials, and gaming videos among other kinds of videos.

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How to Make Money from YouTube

The steps needed to create a YouTube channel.

  • There are numerous other ways of creating a YouTube channel which require you to have a Google account.
  • Having a Google account, then go to and click the “create an account” button will do the trick.
  • Then you will have to fill in your given name, your email address, and your date of birth. Make sure you provide a password.
  • After creating an account, you will be able to begin making movies.
  • You could also make a video using a video camera, a webcam, or your phone. After that process, you will be able to post on your YouTube channel.

Popular Usages of YouTube:


Students and teachers alike can greatly benefit from YouTube. YouTube provides students with materials that assist them in understanding new ideas and skills. YouTube can also help teachers to make videos they can use while teaching their students.

Here are some specific examples of how YouTube can be used for education:

YouTube allows students to access materials and they can also obtain information on YouTube through video clips aimed at helping the understanding of some concepts and skills. For instance, one could show a video clip of the planets, stars, and other celestial bodies in the cosmos related to the solar system’s study.

They can produce a YouTube video, which will assist teachers in teaching new skills and ideas to their pupils. This can be illustrated by giving an example of a teacher who makes videos explaining the steps involved in solving a mathematics problem or performing a science experiment. Another option is for the teacher to post a video which may constitute a summary of an issue already taught or simply practice exercises.

Video assignments can also be created using YouTube. For instance, a teacher can give students the task of producing a video on certain topics e.g. town history or interpretation of a poem. It can be an effective approach for students to learn about the subject and enhance their creativity and communication abilities.


You can also watch videos on YouTube and have some fun. You could even go there to have a look at funny, sad, but thought-provoking video clips. Some may be videos that will teach you new things or just soothe you.

Here are some specific examples of how YouTube can be used for entertainment:

You can watch music videos. Music videos can be found on various sites such as YouTube, featuring contemporary and older musical genres like pop and rock respectively. You also view music live performances through videos or music documentaries.


There are also movie trailers and clips that you may see. There are many movie trailers and clips on YouTube. In addition, you can view whole-length films on YouTube though this service is restricted to only a few countries.

You will be able to see TV show clips and episodes. You can find different TV show clips and episodes on YouTube. Some TV shows can also be watched for free as full-length episodes in certain countries through websites like YouTube.

You can watch educational videos. There are many educational videos that one can find on YouTube including those about science, history, and current affairs. In addition, you have access to video tutorials on everything from cooking to playing a musical instrument and speaking a foreign language.

You can watch comedy videos. There exist different types of comedy videos on YouTube, including stand-up and sketch comedy programs.

You can watch gaming videos. There is an extensive library of gaming videos on YouTube, including people playing video games and videos concerning gaming in general.

You can watch sports videos. YouTube offers many video clips related to sports, such as highlights, replays, and complete matches.


Businesses can also make use of YouTube as a platform. For example, businesses can create videos on YouTube that enhance knowledge among potential customers while at the same time creating relationships with the fans.

youtube business

Here are some specific examples of how YouTube can be used for business:

Videos can be made by businesses, which advertise various items and services. This may include developing a video showcasing a new product or demonstrating how an item is used. Also, businesses may make video commercials to sell goods to customers at lower prices.

As a result, businesses have a platform through which they can create videos that educate their customers on the various ways of using and maintaining their products. For instance, a business can make videos that teach people how to use the product and resolve issues like this one. Additionally, businesses can also post videos where answers to some of the most common inquiries about them are provided.

It allows businesses to make movies to establish connections between themselves and their fans. As an illustration, a business can produce backstage videos about their enterprise, or clips including their workers. Similarly, businesses may produce interactive videos for competitions and give away promotions involving their supporters/fans.

Social Media Usage:

YouTube functions as a social media because users can produce, disseminate, as well as communicate in terms of video materials. This enables users to subscribe to respective channels, give comments on different videos, as well as share videos with their families or friends. Just as well, YouTube enables the creation of customized channels whereby one can also post his or her own work.

Here are some of the specific ways that YouTube is used as a social media platform:

Creating and sharing videos: One can upload video clips about anything ranging from music, films, television shows, education, comedy, games, sports, etc. to his or her YouTube account. This means that users can share their videos with their friends and relatives or make them publicly available for anybody to view.

Subscribing to channels: Users of YouTube can also subscribe to some available channels depending on their liking. This implies that they will be notified whenever any video is published in those channels to which they subscribe. Users can opt to be notified of all the videos from one channel or only specific video categories from a certain channel.

Commenting on videos: Users can also make comments under YouTube videos. This allows people to get in touch with the video authors so that they can tell them what their view about the video is. Likewise, commenting could be used to pose a query or have further information on your favorite videos.

Liking and disliking videos: Users can also give thumbs up or downvote for a video on YouTube. This is a nice way of indicating to the video producers that you liked watching their videos. It is possible to employ likes and dislikes to assist other users in making decisions on the video they want to view.

How Much Sponsors Pay to YouTubers

Now that we know about all the benefits, let us find out how much sponsors pay to YouTubers:

How much sponsors pay youtubers varies depending on several factors, including:

  1. The size of the YouTuber’s channel.
  2. The YouTuber’s niche
  3. The type of sponsored content
  4. The brand’s budget

However, in general, sponsors pay YouTubers from $10 to $50 per every thousand views. The CPM involves dividing the amount paid by all advertisers by 1000. Hence, a YouTuber who owns a video with more than a hundred thousand viewers can get as much as between one thousand and five thousand dollars for endorsements.

how much sponsors pay youtubers


Here is a more detailed breakdown of the factors that affect how much sponsors pay YouTubers:

Size of the YouTuber’s channel

The bigger the advertisers view a YouTuber’s channel; the more value they assign to that video artist’s audience. Moreover, this signifies that many people will have an opportunity to view the sponsor’s advertising message. This means that sponsors will be prepared to part with higher fees for their ads to appear in large channels.

As an illustration, a YouTuber with 100,000 will make a large amount of money from sponsorships compared to a YouTuber with only one thousand subscribed fans. They say that this is because an advertiser’s message shall be viewed by more individuals on the channel which has 100,000 subscribers.

YouTuber’s niche

Another factor that contributes to this is the YouTuber’s niche. While this is true, some niches are also worth more to advertisers than others. For instance, advertisers may want to include sponsored posts in the gaming or beauty niche, which has a lot of very active subscribers.

However, advertisers could shy away from sponsoring content on educational and charitable channels. These are small niches with low participation levels among the target audience.

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Type of sponsored content

How much the sponsor pays YouTubers also depends on the form of sponsored content. Some forms of sponsored content are more advantageous for advertisers than others. Advertisers, for instance, will often pay a higher amount when dealing with product placements or dedicated video ads in contrast to sponsored mentions or pre-rolled commercials.

Dedicated spots and videos have more important value for the advertiser as they give fuller freedom of representation to a sponsor. Advertisers value sponsored mentions and pre-roll ads are low since the sponsor has little power over how their message will be communicated to the targeted audience.

Brand’s budget

A brand’s budget has an impact on the number of YouTubers who they are ready or willing to afford. Other brands have larger budgets than some. Therefore, some branded sites demand higher prices for sponsored content compared to others.

Therefore, for instance, a big corporation would most likely go for a higher amount of advertising charges compared to a small enterprise. The reason behind this is that the corporation has a bigger budgetary allocation as compared to the small business.

Hope the above information helps you about how much sponsors pay youtubers!!


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