How to Delete Doordash Account?

how to delete your doordash account

DoorDash connects customers with local restaurant services for their meal deliveries. Founded in 2013, DoorDash is one of the biggest food delivery companies in the US. Learn about features of DoorDash and how to delete doordash account easily with this blog.

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Just like Grubhub, DoorDash partners with local restaurants to make their meals accessible via delivery. Food from DoorDash can be ordered by customers through their website and mobile app. Upon successful placement of an order, DoorDash assigns a ‘Dasher’––a delivery driver- to pick up the food from the restaurant and take it to the consumer.

DoorDash is a company that specializes in online order placement for food deliveries based in San Francisco. This is one of the most popular online delivery services in America, which occupies about 56% of the US market. DoorDash enables the customer to have food delivered from local restaurants, convenience stores, and in some areas even grocery stores. Order is picked by DoorDash and brought by its drivers who are working independently. 

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Features of DoorDash:

  • A wide selection of restaurants to choose from: The company has more than 450,000 restaurant partners which include local restaurants, chains, and independent restaurants spread across the US. Customers can thus get places where they have different tastes and budgets.
  • Real-time tracking of orders: Upon the placement of an order, a client can monitor the process of their order delivery through the Doordash application. This allows customers to see what they are eating and predict when its delivery will be. Real-time order tracking is one of the hottest features available on DoorDash. Customers also can track their orders’ movement throughout the process via the DoorDash app as soon as they put it. We show customers the food’s location on a map, as well as its approximate delivery time at customers’ doors. This is a widely liked feature as it offers the client assurance concerning security. They are aware that the meal is coming and can estimate its time of arrival. For instance, this is very important to people buying food for a set time like lunch and dinner with friends.
  • Multiple payment options: DoorDash accommodates numerous modes of payment among which are credit and debit cards, PayPal, and Apple Pay. Customers can easily make payments on their orders in whichever way they prefer; this makes it convenient when making purchases at Amazon. the company allows payments by different means such as credit and debit cards, PayPal, and even through Apple Pay. Customers have an easy time paying for their orders using any of their preferred methods to pay.

As far as payment is concerned, DoorDash provides numerous methods specially intended for companies – this means corporate accounts and gift cards. This facilitates the sending of food by business entities to their staff and offers food as a complimentary gesture to clients.

  • A loyalty program that rewards customers for ordering frequently: The DoorDash company also has a loyalty program called DashPass. In addition, the company offers several benefits to its DashPass members, such as free delivery for all qualified orders, special pricing in case an order doesn’t qualify for delivery at no cost, and discounts and deals accessible only to DashPass members. Also, the DashPass members get a lower fee for non-eligible orders and some exclusive discounts and offers. This reason the reason the loyalty program of DashPass has been received well by many customers due to its benefits that enable them to save while ordering their food. By using Dash Pass, members have the opportunity to save roughly a grand every year.
  • Scheduled orders: Customers can order and select the time when they want delivery of their meals. The company has an arrangement where customers can make early orders to be able to deliver the food at the best of their convenience times. Such assistance is especially beneficial when a customer has orders of food by certain times including lunch or dinner with friends.
  • Group orders: However, customers can order in groups with their colleagues, family, and even co-workers. As such, when ordering food for a group, one can easily choose food for all without having to communicate separately with every individual.
  • Gift cards: One can also buy gift cards from DoorDash which can be sent as presents to others. In that case, if the person enjoys DoorDash, then they will love the gift of food delivery. Perfect for anyone who loves DoorDash – a fabulous present for food delivery!
  • Customer support: The company that provides door delivery has round-the-clock customer service. Customers may therefore seek assistance on orders or accounts at any time of the day or night.
  • Online portal: DoorDash has an online interface that restaurants can use to handle their menus, prices, and delivery options for customers. Using DoorDash’s dashboard, restaurants can update their information easily and manage their DoorDash business.
  • Another feature popular with DoorDash customers is a track and trace service. Customers can watch their order journey as it moves towards them through the DoorDash app once placed. Customers can watch how their food is moving on the map; moreover, there’s an approximate delivery time shown as well.
  • Mobile app:Restaurants can also receive and accept orders through the DoorDash app. With this app, running DoorDash in-house becomes simple for restaurant owners.
  • Support team: Besides that, restaurants are also provided with technical support through which the platform can respond to all inquiries and complications related to Doordash.

Even after all these features if you wish to leave Doordash then the process is quite smooth, let us see, how to delete doordash account.

How to delete Doordash account?

how to delete doordash account

To delete your DoorDash account, follow these steps:

  • Sign In to Your Account on the DoorDash Web Site.
  • The hamburger menu will appear when you click on the three horizontal ones in the top-left part of this page.
  • Click “Account.”
  • Click “Manage Account.”
  • Click “Delete Account.”
  • Please enter the verification code sent to your phone no.

delete doordash account

  • Click “Delete Account” to confirm.
  • Note: If you have outstanding deliveries, you cannot delete your DoorDash account. Before deleting your account, remember to unsubscribe from DashPass (if you had one).

Here are some additional things to keep in mind when deleting your DoorDash account:

This deletion is permanent as it affects all the account’s account information like your order history, delivery address, and other information related to making payments.

Once you delete an account you are unable to recover the same.

Any unused subscriber fees are non-refundable in a DashPass subscription.

If you face any questions or difficulties in deleting your DoorDash account you are free to ask their customer support service and get help.

Hope the above information answers your queries.

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