How to Fix Windows 10 Update Error Code ox8024a105?

How to Fix Windows 10 Update Error Code ox8024a105

The major release version of Microsoft’s Windows NT operating system is Windows 10. Directly succeeding Windows 8.1 has been on the market for about two years. Released to manufacturing (RTM) was on July 15th while retail (S-TDR) came a fortnight later -July 29th. Users of Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 could also access it through MSDN and TechNet. Additionally, those who purchased Windows 10 directly using the Windows Store had it at their disposal. Finally, Windows Update is also suitable for the owners of Windows 7. Learn how to fix windows 10 update error code ox8024a105, benefits and features of new Windows 10 Updates with this detailed blog.

Window 10 was created as a common operating system that could operate on desktops, phones, tabs, and other systems. It features several new features and improvements over previous versions of Windows, including:

  • A new start menu based on a combination of the old Start menu and Windows 8 Live tiles.
  • A new version of an Edge Web Browser that can load fast and securely instead of Internet Explorer.
  • A refreshed Cortana virtual agent that aids in activities like looking up information, setting alarms, and messaging.
  • New continuum capability to change easily among various device models like tablets or PCs.
  • New Windows Store App with more apps & games.
  • Several security enhancements include Windows Defender AppLocker and Windows Defender Containerisation (Application Guard).

Critics and users have embraced Windows 10 positively. It offers new features and is more secure, fast, and improved. On the other hand, it has also been criticized for its over-ambitious update schedule and some of its privacy requirements.


The Windows 10 operating system is very complicated due to its multi-featured nature. Hereinafter, we will focus on giving an elaborate explanation of some of the main aspects and advantages associated with Windows 10.

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Main Aspects and Advantages Associated with Windows 10

New Start menu

One of the key elements of Windows, which makes it stand out from other Operating Systems, is the “Start Menu”. Microsoft decided once again on the traditional Start Menu with live tiles for Windows 10. Live tiles keep you posted about updates from various apps and sites of your choice. Likewise, you can tailor the Start menu with applications and programs that suit you best.

Edge web browser

Windows 10 has a new Edge web browser. Edge was meant to be more rapid and safer than using Internet Explorer. The new software offers new capabilities like annotating web pages and taking notes right on them.

Cortana virtual assistant

This is due to a virtual assistant known as Cortana that comes with Windows 10. Cortana will enable you to perform duties like searching data, arranging clocks, and text messaging. Besides, Cortana is another option for you to control your PC, speaking directly using your voice.


A new operating system known as ‘continuum’ has been introduced to Windows 10 which makes it possible to switch between different modes like desktop and tablet mode. Once turned into tablet mode, the Windows 10 interface will be restructured to ensure it is friendly for fingering.

Windows Store

The Windows Store is the place where you can buy modern applications and games. There are many free and commercial applications in the Windows Store.

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Some benefits of Windows 10:

Improved security

Windows 10 features many enhancements in terms of security as compared to other previous editions of Windows. These improvements include:

Windows Defender Device Guard: It also protects your computer against being infected with any malicious codes that might want to run on your system.

Windows Defender Application Guard: This option helps separate Microsoft Edge from other devices in your system and thus ensures that your computer is not attacked by malware through the web pages.

And Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection: Businesses and Enterprises can pay extra for added security via this subscription-based service.

Other security features in Windows 10 include:

SmartScreen: This attribute enables your computer to shield itself against phishing and harmful sites.

Windows Defender Offline: Malware scanning of your computer even while it’s offline.

BitLocker: This one involves securing your hard drive with a password so that no outsider has the chance to access your information.

Enhanced performance: This new version of Windows was created to ensure better performance in comparison with preceding versions. This is due to several factors, including:

More efficient boot process: The current version of Windows 10, in most cases, boots faster than previous editions did.

Improved power management: The use of less power in Windows 10 helps to prolong the battery life of your laptop or tablet compared to other earlier versions of Windows.

Better resource utilization: Unlike other previous versions of Windows, Windows 10 utilizes your system’s resources much more effectively. It is often used in critical applications where it helps in improving performance.

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New features and functionality

Windows 10 includes several new features and functionality, such as:

Cortana: A virtual assistant known as Cortana can assist in finding information setting alarms, and even sending messages to others.

Start menu: Windows 10 redesigns the start menu by integrating the live tiles of Windows 8 and the classic Windows start menu design.

Edge: The new web browser for Windows 10 is Edge. Edge was created as a more efficient and safer browser than Internet Explorer.

Continuum: Switching between the various devices operating modes like desktops and tablets is simplified by the continuum feature.


Other new features and functionality in Windows 10 include:

Action Center: Action Center gives notifications and quick acts on one spot.

Settings app: For example, the Settings app brings one place where you can modify your computer’s settings.

Task View: By using the Task View, you can have an overview of the open windows.

Universal Windows Platform: UWP allows developers to develop applications that operate on desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

A wide range of devices

It is applicable in computers, handhelds such as phones, tabs, and even embedded devices like fridges and other electronics. This also turns the OS into an all-purpose one that can serve different needs.

Regular updates

Microsoft regularly updates Windows 10 for it to be at its best in the market. This can be in the form of security patches, bug fixes, as well as new features among others. Your PC will stay virus-free and always current with technology.

Let us see How to Fix Windows 10 Update Error Code ox8024a105:

Here are some ways to fix Windows 10 update error code 0x8024a105:

How to Fix Windows 10 Update Error Code ox8024a105

Method 1:

Restart your system. This is perhaps an obvious solution but sometimes helps in fixing small problems arising and hindering efficient operation of Windows Update.

Method 2:

Run the Windows Update Troubleshooter. It has a built-in feature that identifies and corrects the most common Windows Update issues without extra input or work. To run the troubleshooter: 

  1. Open the run dialog box by pressing the windows+R keys.
  2. Just key in MSDT.exe – ID; WindowsUpdateDiagnostic then hit enter.
  3. Run the troubleshooter as directed on the screen.

Method 3:

Reset Windows Update components. This will flush all the temporary contents and the erroneous entries. To reset Windows Update components:

  1. Launch a command prompt elevated (clicking the start button with a right click and selecting cmd.exe (admin))).
  2. Type the following commands and press Enter after each one:
  • net stop wuauserv
  • net stop bits
  • ren C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution SoftwareDistribution.old
  • ren C:\Windows\System32\catroot2 catroot2.old
  • net start wuauserv
  • net start bits

3. Restart your system.

Method 4:

Use the Media Creation Tool to install Windows updates manually. You can try this alternative option if you cannot download and install updates via Windows Update. To use the Media Creation Tool:

  1. Obtain media creation tools through Microsoft’s website.
  2. Launch the Media Creation Tool and choose the option to make installation media for an additional computer. management theory applied in various organizations
  3. Choose an ISO file and specify where to save it.
  4. After creating an iso file, launch it using File Explorer and then double-click the setup.exe file to initiate the installation.
  5. Install Windows 10 following the screen prompts.

After trying out all the methods above, even if you are unable to solve the problem: How to Fix Windows 10 Update Error Code ox8024a105, then you should consider calling the Microsoft support desk.

Hope the above information helps.


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