How to Increase Charisma in Lost Ark?

how to increase charisma in lost ark

ThisThe game, Lost Ark, is one of the first massively multiplayer online action role-playing games (MMORPGs). In 2019 it was released in South Korea and later in 2022, in North America, Europe, and South America. Refer this blog to learn how to increase charisma lost ark.

game lostARK
game lostARK

The continent of Arkesia which has been divided by centuries of wars is where the game is situated. The main purpose of the game is for players to assume the roles of adventurers who search for the Lost Ark, a powerful object that can reunify the whole of Arkesia and create everlasting unity in the world.

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Lost Ark features a variety of gameplay elements, including:

  • Action combat: There are six different classes for players to pick from that all come with their associated gameplay styles. Combats are all about quick action and excitement where every player employs different skills and attributes to eliminate their opponents.
  • Open world exploration: Playable in the whole world of Arkesia. It is possible to see various landscapes, including busy towns, thick forests, and dangerous mountains.
  • Questing: Quests are necessary for players to advance through the story; reward them, and further explore the lands of Arkesia.
  • Dungeons and raids: There are many difficult dungeons and raids in Lost Ark. Each of these group content challenges gives an unusual prize for testing a player’s skills and teamwork.
  • Life skills: Lost Ark apart from combat or discovering other people’s stories, has various real-life skills available for the player. The skills enable players to collect raw materials, make tools, and erect houses for themselves.
  • PvP: The multiplayer in Lost Ark is quite diversified offering many PvP options. The different modes of playing include 1v1, 3v3, and 10v10 matches or open-world PVP zones.


The combat in Lost Arc is dynamic and action-oriented. There are six different classes each with a distinct playstyle from which the participants can select. Among the melee classes, the Warrior class can perform higher damages as well as take more in damages. Paladin, on the other hand, is a mixed class, with healing and dealing of damages as its abilities. One of the tank classes, the Gun lancer employs an enormous shield for defending friends and controlling the battlefield. Sorceresses are ranged characters who employ strong elemental sorcery to vanquish foes. Another ranged class, the Sharpshooter, employs multiple ranged weapons and inflicts injuries on enemies. The Assassin class is a melee class focused on dishing out high AOE damage or “burst” damage, while also being able to control their immediate area of combat.

Playing involves applying several skills and capabilities in combat. Every class features a different skill set, and load-outs exist for them, which allow users to craft the style appropriate for one’s gameplay. Additionally, players can heal themselves with potions and other items and buff their allies.


Progressing through the story; earning rewards; and obtaining knowledge of more about the world of Arkesia. These quests are generated by NPCs found in the environment, as well as those posted on the quest boards of villages and cities.

The quest system in Lost Ark consists of many kinds of quests like main quests, side quests, and daily quests. The main story quests are referred to as main quests and they move the game’s plot forward. Side quests are voluntary quests that provide players with material resources and skills. For repetitive rewards, there are daily quests that a player can complete only once every day.

Dungeons and raids

In Lost Ark, numerous difficult dungeons and raids can be encountered by players. These provide distinct rewards as well as testing on players’ abilities and teamwork spirit concerning group content.

Usually, dungeons take less time and involve fewer challenges than raids. Four players are needed to complete the dungeons. Raids have a lot of troubles as compared to dungeons; they last long too. It takes an eight-man squad to finish raids.

The life skills in Lost Ark are as follows:

Mining: The action grants players the opportunity to unearth the ore from rocks and nodes. One can fashion several items using ore including weapons, armor as well as tools.

Fishing: It enables fishing in rivers, lakes, and oceans. One can eat, sell, or make food and other stuff out of fish.

Gathering: Players can collect herbs, firewood, etc from plants. You can make potions, items, or food using gathered resources.

Foraging: It enables players to locate secret items, materials, and even magic in the universe. Items gathered can then be traded in for cash, crafted into items, or even given as presents to any of the non-player characters present in the game world.

Cooking: Gamers utilizes it in cooking different foods and items. You can eat cooked food to restore your health and mana or sell it in exchange for gold.

Life skills are not compulsory in Lost Ark, but they are quite useful, especially for people who would like to train a little in this area. This game allows players to grow their foods, produce their equipment, and sell them for gold.

Let us see how to increase charisma in Lost Ark

There are a few ways to increase your Charisma stat in Lost Ark:

lost ark
lost ark
  • Complete quests. In the game, many quests give Virtue Potions as a reward and these increase your permanent charisma, courage, wisdom, and kindness score.
  • Increase your Rapport with NPCs. At some point, your Virtue may grant some NPCs with Virtue potions and other means of getting your Charismatic.
  • Play songs. For repeatedly playing songs 150 times, there exists a set of accomplishment awards where Charisma Potions feature in the list.
  • Wear certain costumes and skins. Certain costumes and skins include extra charisma.

Completing quests

Numerous quests offer you Virtue potions, and these make up your Charisma, Courage, Wisdom, and Kindness attributes. Questing for Virtue Potions is a very lucrative venture since these items are extremely rare and highly valuable.

You may view the reward items within one specific quest simply by opening the quest window, hovering over it, and selecting the “Rewards” sub-tab. Should the quest reward a Virtue Potion it should be under “Virtue stats”.

Increasing Rapport with NPCs

In some cases, Lost Ark players are likely to receive Virtue Potions and other useful objects that boost the Charism of certain NPCs once they reach particular Rapport values. A system of rapport exists in Lost Ark whereby one can develop relations with non-playable characters. Increasing your rapport with an NPC will provide you with new offerings, such as story content, items, and even a player character.

You will improve your rapport with that NPC by talking to them, giving them gifts, or doing quests for them. An NPC has a “relationship” tab that you must click after opening their conversation window, and this shows how much rapport you have with them.

Here are some additional tips on How to increase Charisma in Lost Ark:

Join a guild. Several guilds exist whose members’ interests in aiding each other to level up on Virtue’s stats. You may also have an opportunity to interact with, receive assistance, and benefit from the resources of other players by joining a guild.

Use the market. It is also worth mentioning that the market is an excellent venue for purchasing Virtue Potions as well as any other item contributing to the enhancement of your Charisma stat. Leverage the markets to obtain good prices of the needed products.

Be patient. The process of raising your Charisma score is slow and demanding. Do not expect immediate results. All you have to do is go on completing quests thereby enhancing your rapport with NPCs, singing songs, donning skins with bonus Charisma as well as putting on the costumes, and your Charisma stat will eventually increase.

Hope the above information helps.

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