How To Track Your Orders?

how to track my order

Are you someone who orders frequently? If yes, tracking the order becomes necessary for you or anyone like you. Refer this comprehensive guide on how to my track order.

As such, you can always track your order to learn when it will be delivered. You will also use this method to check for delays in delivery and other related issues of concern regarding your order. You can use several methods for tracking your orders depending on who you bought from and what delivery service was implemented.

Some of the popular techniques for tracking your orders are going to be mentioned in this article.

Tracking Your Order Online

It is mostly via the internet that one can keep track of their order. This is possible through the merchant’s website or a third-party order tracking service.

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You would usually use an order number to follow up on your order on the merchant’s website. Look it up in your order confirmation email or visit the merchant’s website. Your order number will enable the merchant to track where your order could be and the expected time for deliveries.

When tracking your order, if it is being done through a third-party order tracking service, you have to give either a shipment number or simply indicate that they used UPS. It will after that, track your order with the shipper’s computerized system.

Tracking Your Order by Phone

You can also use a telephone number to follow up on your order. It is possible to contact the merchant or the shipping agent for any information regarding the state of your order.

You will have to inform them about your order number and who exactly is the shipper to keep track of your order placement using a telephone. Then, a merchant/shipping carrier would look up your order and give an update on your parcel’s status.

Online tracking of your order will let you know exactly its current location as well as when it will arrive at the destination. This will assist you in finding out if the order might be experiencing delays or wrong shipments among others.”

Depending on the merchant’s policy and the service provider employed, there are multiple ways to track your order online. This article will focus on some of the possible methods for tracking an order online in 2023.

Following your Order on a Merchant’s website

The simplest and most convenient method to monitor your order through the internet is by logging on to the merchant’s homepage. One may click the “track order” link appearing on the webpage of the retailer. It is also possible to access the merchant’s page for the order tracking page.

You would usually have to give your order number in the tracking of your order at the merchant’s website. You can find this information on your order confirmation email or the product site of the vendor. The merchant will give you a display indicating the current state of the order and an anticipated due date having put down your order number.

Other merchants will also let you keep a tab on your order without sharing you your order number. One can achieve this by accessing their account on the merchant’s website. As soon as you are logged in, you can have a view of your new orders and their current status.

Using a third-party order tracking service

Third, you can use another online order tracking site. Such sites enable you to follow all the orders you have received from different sellers in a single location.

 You may have to log in or sign up for a third-party order tracking service and enter your order details. These include order number, carrier name, and expected date of arrival. When entering your order details, you can start tracking a courier company about the stage of delivery via an order tracking service.

Some popular third-party order tracking services include:

  • Parcel Track
  • AfterShip
  • 17Track
  • Ship24

The mobile app makes it possible to track an order.

There are many apps created by retailers, as well as shipping companies that provide users with smartphones and tablets an opportunity to track their packages on the go. You may also be able to keep track of order updates and the progress on the road by using these apps while on the road.

You will most probably have to download the merchant’s or shipper’s mobile app from either the App Store or Google Play for tracking of the order on your mobile device. After you have downloaded the app, you will be required to set up an account that you should use when logging in. Upon logging in, they will see the list of all their previous payments made as well as their present state.

Understanding the Different Order Statuses

You would usually see several order statuses as you track your order online. The different order statuses depict the present position of your order and the expected delivery date.

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 Here are some of the most common order statuses:

Pending: Therefore, your order has arrived at the seller’s but it is still being worked on.

Processing: This is an indication that the seller has accepted your order and has started the shipping process on your order.

Shipped: This implies your order has been dispatched.

In Transit: In other words, your order is in transit on board the shipping carrier.

Out for Delivery: It indicates that your order has been dispatched and it will be delivered shortly.

Delivered: Therefore, this means that your order is in your custody.

How To Track Your Online Order

Here are a few tips for tracking your order online:

Keep your order information handy. These include your order number and the name of the shipping courier.

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Visit the merchant’s website or download the mobile application to inquire about the state of your order.

The merchant or shipping carrier usually provides a text message, which you can sign up for and get direct delivery updates on your mobile phone.

If there is any query about the condition of your order, you can consult the merchant or a carrier.

Troubleshooting Common Order Tracking Problems

Here are some tips for troubleshooting common order-tracking problems:

  • If you do not have access to your order number, kindly visit your order confirmation email or your chosen retailer’s website.
  • Ensure that in case you are following up on the order through a 3rd party order tracking system, you have provided an accurate order number and shipped by.
  • In case of trouble in following your order, you may contact the merchant or the shipper.

Hope the above information helps.



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