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What is Pixwox.com

Are you someone who loves to watch Instagram reels and pictures? Pixwox is your friend in this case. 

Now is a tool that can help you save all those reels and images in just one click and is absolutely free!!

What is Pixwox?

Pixwox is an app and website which can be best explained using the term “Instagram post downloader”.

Users can scroll through Instagram stories, check what others have been up to, and save them directly.

With Pixwox, you can auto-download Instagram pictures, videos, highlights, stories, and highlights. This is an Instagram viewer that focuses on privacy, helping people see the Instagram posts in a hidden mode while keeping them secure online.

Pixwox is an artistic tool with which you can add quality and style to your images. It offers a unique application for your iPhone or Android device that lets you produce fantastic shots using a range of effects.

You can also save those photos into the cloud gallery of this utility. It operates on Instagram viewers and downloaders anonymously.

How to check who viewed your Instagram profile

Later we will read about how you can use it as an Instagram viewer with no account You can see anyone’s Instagram profile without logging in and it is amazing. You can snoop on your ex or steal someone else’s story in one spot.

With this app saving higher-resolution images off of Instagram is just a sway away. With Pixwox, no login is needed — you can grab pictures and videos of other Instagram users and post them wherever you wish.

It creates an SSL tunnel to Instagram’s server where it redirects you so that you can browse through profiles while not exposing your data over the internet to everyone. No need to install any extra software on their end, and they work on modern web browsers as well.

Some of the key features of Pixwox.com include:

1. Instagram post downloader

Pixwox itself serves primarily as an Instagram post downloader.

2. Automatic downloads

With Pixwox, you can auto-download Instagram pictures, videos, highlights, stories, and IG TV highlights.

3. Privacy-focused

Pixwox is the safest way of stalking someone on IG because instead of revealing who’s behind your request, they will let you know that the person being stalked chose not to share his or her profile details and as such, for privacy concerns, his

4. Viewing options

With Pixwox, you can find trending pics & clips of the day. They had the option to choose what they wanted to see, options included grid, list, and detail views.

Some of the best advantages of Pixwox

Advantages of Pixwox

1. Creativity

“Pixwox is meant to be a creative hub for self-expression”. Vloggers and creators can make any content you want — your passion, what interests you, or even just stuff on your mind. Pixwox offers a range of utilities — from a variety of elements which make making an informative as well an interesting video for users — easy.

There are many such tools available for instance at Pixwox from where you can start trimming or cropping or rotating your video as required. Music, filters, and effects can also be added users. Besides that, they also have several video design elements where the user can generate their own video.

2. Social interaction

Pixwox is a social platform, you can connect with other people on the site — and share your film. There’s an option to follow users, and you can also like and leave comments on videos as well as create private groups. They can engage other users and acquire the comments of others’ videos. On top of that, Pixwox comes with some additional features that help the user find interesting videos to watch. For instance, there is “Trending”, “For You” and “Search” in Pixwox. They help users discover videos most watched, of interest, or about a particular topic.

3. Discovery

Pixwox offers various Discovery features for users to discover new content to watch. These include a “Trending” tab, a “For you” tab, and the typical “Search”. Users can see on the “Trending” page those videos have the most views or likes in all of Pixwox. It helps you discover popular videos and popularity is a good indication that these will likely appeal to many users.

The “For You” page displays the user videos targeted based on their interests. An algorithm is used by Pixwox to suggest to the user a new video with your history of watching, Liking, and commenting. It’s an excellent system for locating videos that interest you and are enjoyable for you to watch.

Users can use the “Search” to find more videos on particular topics. It’s an amazing method of discovering recordings around one explicit thing that you are keen on.

4. Monetization

Pixwox has multiple ways to monetize your videos as an artist. Some of these amenities will be a creator fund, sponsored posts, and merchandise sales.

5. Creator fund

It’s also a pot of money from where the money is distributed among the creators whose video has more viewers. Sponsorships enable YouTubers to collaborate with companies and showcase their merchandise and services within their videos. Product Sales · Creators can also sell their own products (e.g., t-shirts, caps, cups).

Some additional facilities of Pixwox.com are

1. A wide range of content

Pixwox offers you a variety of content; Comedy, Music, Dance, Food, and Travel all in one place. It implies that you all will get something unique on Pixwox.com.

2. A supportive community

Pixwox is a user-friendly community where people always come forward to help others. It’s a fantastic place for newbies to begin and learn video creation.

3. A chance to be discovered

Pixwox is a superb portal for creative discoveries. Users also get the chance to show their content “on Trend” or shown to them in the “For you”. That can assist them to broaden the target audience and boost their recognition.

4. A chance to make money

It provides numerous ways through which viewers can start earning their income using the videos they upload at Pixwox.” It’s an excellent opportunity to monetize the video-creating passion of users.

The user guide to Pixwox:

  •       Go to pixwox.com site
  •       Enter the name account to watch.
  •       Click on “View Profile” and open their profile page.
  •       To view full-size and details click on any post thumbnail.
  •       Shows only general account information for private profiles.
  •       Read anonymous stories with the stories bar.
  •       Public posts can be found by searching hashtags.

Hope this information will make your Instagram requirements easy.


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